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Going to the dentist is not always painful, but it can also be a costly affair. Especially when dentures are needed, the costs can quickly amount to several thousand USD. The health insurance company pays part of these costs. As a patient, however, you also have to make a substantial additional payment.

Dental implants in particular are very expensive. A thousand USD and more can be incurred here per tooth. If several teeth are to be replaced with the help of an implant, the costs for the patient add up accordingly. Many consumers therefore use a loan for dental implants, which is supposed to ensure a nice mouth and a relaxed account.

Why does it have to be a loan for dental implants?

Why does it have to be a loan for dental implants?

On the one hand, it is of course always the question of costs that leads to a loan for dental implants. Many patients simply cannot afford to spend so much money on a few new teeth. On the one hand because they did not save it, on the other hand because the money may then be missing elsewhere. In addition, the time for dental implants cannot usually be freely chosen. So you can’t stand up and say that at this very moment the old teeth are broken and should be replaced with new teeth. The timing rather determines the teeth or a stroke of fate, so that this cannot be influenced and we cannot prepare for the denture.

What are the options?

What are the options?

There are two different options for a loan for dental implants. On the one hand is the dentist, who often offers payment in installments. However, this installment payment is usually only designed for three to six months, which ensures that the monthly installments can be quite high. The offer can be used immediately and there is no need to search for a suitable loan.

On the other hand, there is the classic installment loan, which can be taken out at any bank. Its advantage is that it can be designed flexibly with regard to the loan amount and the term. Nobody is forced to repay the installment loan to the bank as a dental implant loan within six months. Rather, you can take your time and choose the rate to match the borrower’s budget. The fact that the right installment loan has to be found first and that it only turns out cheap if the creditworthiness of the borrower allows it can be a disadvantage here.

Why not use “till teeth”?

Why not use "till teeth"?

Many consumers wonder why they have to pay so much for dentures even though they are insured with a health insurance company.

The fact is that every health insurance company also offers dentures for free. However, these are not high-quality implants that are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. Rather, they are dental prostheses that are less attractive to look at and can also significantly restrict life. Because prostheses are loose, making chewing, swallowing and speaking difficult. However, implants are firmly anchored in the jaw and therefore generally do not cause any problems.

Therefore, as a health insurance patient, around 70 percent of the cost of dentures must be borne by private patients, depending on the contract, between 10 and 30 percent. However, if you have supplementary dental insurance, you can try to use the insurance to cover part of the costs. However, it should be clarified in advance which services are to be taken up to what amount. The requirements of the insurers are very strict and usually hide in the small print.

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