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Life tends from time to time not to stick to plans. The refrigerator gives up at once and must be replaced as soon as possible. In such moments you need a cash advance. But you have heard that many lenders are not carrying the labels “fair” or “serious”, but rather the opposite.

But it could be different – you may have heard a lot of good things about the house. Nevertheless, you are skeptical. The house promises money “even in difficult cases”. How can a reputable bank do that, ask yourself? We have compiled the essential cash advance experience for you so that you can decide if you want to take a loan from the house or not.

Cash advance experience: General information to the offerer


However, let’s start with some general information because it is necessary to understand the experience. Often referred to as a bank, but it is striking that the house avoids this word in its own description as the devil the holy water. Instead, one does not really talk about what one is but prefers a description of what kind of service one offers: helping clients who need credit. However, the money does not come from a self – further down the homepage is the note that a “Loan brokerage GmbH”.

This means two things: The house brings together interested lenders and borrowers. The money can also come from abroad, which allows, for example, to grant loans without Schufa. On the other hand, the house is not a charity, but can be paid for its intermediary services.

Positive cash advance experience

Positive cash advance experience

Basically, it is not negative that is a credit intermediary. This also has advantages, as the cash advance experience shows. Basically, the supply of available credit is so large that there is something for every interested borrower. Therefore, the fast processing times, the high loan amounts and the flexible repayment variants are praised. The speed of disbursement of loans is also met with approval everywhere. Also often praised by simple customers we the quality of advice of the team. For the sake of completeness, however, one has to add that experts often see it differently.

Negative cash advance experience

Negative cash advance experience

For the negative votes, frustration over the rejection rate predominates. Many people who had expected a loan are disappointed that they have received the money now. More negative cash advances revolve around a topic that has already been mentioned above: The cost of the loans is significantly higher than initially stated. There are a few isolated voices who complain that they feel that their plight is being exploited by the lender.

It is fair to say, however, that is now trying to work very transparently in the process of lending itself, clearly stating that the actual terms can only be disclosed after the case has been considered. To summarize the negative cash advance experience with the following sentence: The ideas of the interested borrower did not match the actual offer.


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