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If you are an entrepreneur, spend time talking to business leaders or go to SME group meetings, you have certainly heard about the financing difficulties that are of concern to our business leaders.

Justified concern or unfounded concern?


The figures speak for themselves, the problem is real and long-term, as shown by a recent study of the European Central Bank for the period April – September 2014:

  • 20% of French SMEs who apply for a bank loan do not get it or get it in small part
  • 6% of French SMEs need a bank loan but do not ask for it for fear of refusal

There are therefore in France about 400 000 SMEs that need financing to invest or to strengthen their cash flow and who do not have access to bank credit . This represents a credit deficit of about 25 billion euros per year for SMEs and SMEs.

And the situation should not improve : 17% of French SMEs predict a deterioration in the conditions for obtaining bank credit from October 2014 to March 2015.

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Increasing financing needs

The bank credit deficit for SMEs comes at a time when needs are growing. Statistics from the Banque de France show that for the fifth consecutive month, banks report an increase in demand for credit from SMEs, which has not happened since 2011 :

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Honest Lender

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